My Photography Is In An Exhibition?

You may have seen in my last post that I had some exciting news to share… well this is it! My photography is in an exhibition – what? I mean, what! I still can’t believe that this has happened and I am so incredibly proud of myself! Some of you may have seen me post briefly about this on my Instagram and Twitter but I wanted to do a proper post and talk about it in more detail!

Let me explain:

Back in September I saw a post from the gallery on Facebook about exhibiting for a month, I sent an email with some sample images and they loved them! It all happened very fast and it definitely wasn’t something I ever saw happening, let alone so soon after I finished University.

My work has been exhibited and available for purchase for the entire month of October, this coming week will be the final week it is on display… I have over 20 different pieces in my collection from framed photography, photography in mounts and more recently, Christmas cards too! It’s definitely surreal seeing your work up on the wall for everyone to see (and buy)!

A selection of work.

I think if I had to pick a favourite it would have to be my ‘Postbox In The Snow’ photograph. This was taken during the ‘Beast from the East’ last year and although I got incredibly lost in the snow that day, the end photographs were definitely worth it! You may remember the Christmas cards I had made last year from another photograph from that day, you can read that post here!

Obviously with something like this, there is a risk that you won’t end up selling anything. That’s just how things work sometimes, but it’s very exciting to even be there in the first place! What’s your favourite piece from my collection?

All about the gallery:

The gallery itself is the ‘Pier Road Coffee and Art Gallery’ in Littlehampton and I am so glad that I found it. The owners Mike and Lucy have been incredibly supportive and helpful, especially as this entire situation was all new to me! The gallery exhibits mostly local artists and many different ones every month, alongside resident ones, there’s always a warm welcome and so much to see.

Photography is something which I have always been passionate about and to think that someone believes in and loves my work as much as I do, is amazing.ย Now, I know I said that this week would be the last week my work is available… but, that’s not entirely true!

What’s next?

I am delighted to announce that I will be exhibiting again (with some new material too), for the entire month of December! I just couldn’t put my Christmassy photographs away for another year!

If you’re near Littlehampton this week, or in December, then do pop in for a peek at my work or for one of their amazing hot chocolates! If you want to have another look at my work, purchase a piece for yourself or are interested in other artists work, be sure to follow Pier Road Coffee and Art on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too! This entire adventure has just made me so excited for what the future may hold, this is just the first step!

All photography featured in this blog post is my own. This post is not sponsored.


  1. How amazing that you had your artwork in an exhibition! Your art work is so beautiful. You are extremely talented! I am hoping this leads to even bigger things for you!! ๐Ÿ–คxx

  2. This is amazing, well donee! Your photography is fab. x

  3. I totally think that “Postbox in the Snow” and the Lampost one are my favs!! So pretty Imogen ๐Ÿ˜‰ Congrats on getting your photos here, that’s amazing!! xx

  4. This is insane! Congratulations ๐Ÿฅณ you deserve every bit of acknowledgement and success youโ€™re getting ๐Ÿ’“ xx

  5. Amanda Collison says:

    I was so pleased I was able to go and see your work on show. Very impressed. xx

  6. This is so exciting! Your photography is beautiful! I wish I could go see it in person.

  7. This is amazing, and so fab you get to exhibit again this year!! Absolutely love the postbox in the snow image, very christmassy!

  8. You have really good work and no wonder they liked it. Congrats on your accomplishment. Hope things gets even better for you.

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