Making A Comeback (Fingers Crossed)

In case you have forgotten what I look like!

Oh hey, it’s me! It’s pancake day so I thought it rude to not only not make an appearance but to also not post on such a monumental day – you don’t like pancakes? Please form an organised queue and make your way slowly to the exit…

I’m joking, I haven’t posted in so long even the one or two views this might produce will make me feel less guilty about my elongated disappearance.

Please buckle up for a rambling of my brain as I try and remember how to blog and even how to write. It’s been way too long but I’m hoping to make a comeback (fingers crossed). I thought I’d do a quick little post about where I’ve been, so, fingers crossed for the second time. I hope you enjoy!

Where I’ve Been:
  • I’veΒ literally dived head first into my job, I can’t quite believe I have been there for 6 months now, well, 6 months in 4 days!
  • I spent an entire week in bed – it sounds glorious but it isn’t like the movies, especially when you’re not well and can’t even watch Netflix; where’s the fun in that?
  • I’ve started to turn my house into an art gallery, no… seriously! I spent nearly a month painting this one piece on and off all with the intention of selling it and now I love it so much so am refusing to. In the words of Gollum who I findΒ unbelievably creepy, ‘my precious!’ (You can have a look at it on my Instagram!)
  • I bought a new camera, after over a year of saving on a student income, I finally was able to, although I was very upset to let go of the last one. I’ve already taken it out for a few snaps and am loving it – I just wish the weather would cooperate, I don’t like being drowned all the time.
  • I designed some cards, yay! I have hand-drawn and printed three different birthday cards for children and they’re on sale at the gallery right now! I’m so excited and I really hope that you like the designs!
What’s Next?

I’ve also been thinking, seeing as I have a billion books and keep accidentally buying more every time I get paid… something NO ONE warned me about working in publishing.Β I thought it might be a good idea to start sharing what I think of them? I’m a quick reader too which is always a plus… and another reason to buy more books!

I posted on Twitter recently about the Bath trip I went on in December, would you still be interested in seeing that? It is Christmas related but it is also full of Bath goodness!

Maybe I’ll see how this posting more regularly malarkey goes first though! One final thing, what’s your go-to pancake topping? I’m a sweet tooth through and through and people who have savoury pancakes scare me ever so slightly…


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  1. Glad you’re back πŸ˜‰ I wanna hear about alllll of it: books, Bath, and all the rest! My fav pancake topping is probably nutella hehe. Haven’t had any yet, so I think when I get home from classes, I’ll whip some up for dinner!

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