Festive Blog Post Ideas – Collab with Wool of the King

Hi everyone, I’m Lauren from Wool of the King blog. I am a lifestyle, travel and little bit of everything blogger, and have been blogging for over 4 years. I am delighted to be posting on Imogen’s blog as a guest poster.

In this post, I will be sharing with you some festive blog post ideas. I know a lot of bloggers are doing Blogmas this year and sometimes, It can be difficult to think of a post for each day of December. So here are 20 festive blog post ideas

1. Christmas activities to do at home

It’s always fun to get in the festive mood by doing some activities at home. This year has been tough for everyone and it may be taking you a lot more to feel festive this year, so I would recommend planning some fun things to do at home to get you into the Christmas spirit. I have a Christmas activity ideas post on my blog featuring some lovely bloggers, sharing all of their favourite activities.

2. Top Christmas movies to watch

Before this year, I hadn’t watched many Christmas movies. I had only really watched the same ones every year since I was little but I have found some new favourites this year! You can help someone find a new favourite Christmas film too, by sharing yours.

3. Round up of the year

I love writing a yearly round up post, it reminds me of all the great things I have done in that year. I am even finding positives in 2020!

4. New year goals, wishes and resolutions

As well as showing everyone else your goals, writing them in a blog post will help you to reach those goals because you will want to achieve them more, knowing that your readers have seen them.

5. Christmas gift guide 

I am always struggling to think of Christmas gift ideas so that’s why Christmas gift guides are my favourite posts to read at this time of year. I have a small business Christmas gift guide over on my blog.

6. Tips for loneliness at Christmas

Christmas isn’t always fun and festive for everyone. It can be the loneliest time for some people and it is really difficult to see other people getting festive while you’re not feeling that way at all. Tips to combat loneliness could really help some people at this time.

7. What I got for Christmas

I’m quite nosy when it comes to Christmas and I love seeing what other people have received, definitely a good one for after Christmas.

8. Christmas beauty looks

The perfect post for a beauty blogger or someone wanting to try writing a beauty post this year!

9. Christmas OOTDs

It could be really fun to show off what you’re wearing this winter, whether it just includes your favourite winter clothes, or your favourite Christmas jumper or pyjamas.

10. Saving on your Christmas shopping
Christmas time puts a lot of strain on people’s bank accounts so it’s always great to share money saving tips over the holidays.
11. How I decorated for the holidays
Interior decoration inspo always goes down well and it could be really fun to show off your Christmas decorations and to inspire others!
12. How I spend Christmas Day
A lot of people spend Christmas day so differently, everyone has their own traditions and it could be really interesting to share yours. Do you have your Christmas dinner for lunch or dinner and when do you open your presents?
13. Christmas baking recipes
Everyone loves Christmas goodies and one activity to get you feeling festive is definitely baking!
I love festive baking, check out my post on how to make Christmas Gingerbread Biscuits.
14. Christmas activities to do with children
Christmas time is all about family and a lot of people may be stuck for ideas of what to do with their children so it could be really helpful to inspire them with some ideas.
15. Small businesses to support this Christmas
As we know, this year has been really tough for businesses and it’s the small ones we need to try our hardest to support.
16. Christmas cocktail & mocktail recipes
This could be a really fun idea because you get to make the cocktails or soft drinks then write about it! I would love to read all about making the perfect mulled wine.
17. Last minute gift ideas
As we are getting closer to the big day, there will be more and more people panicking on what they haven’t got so last minute gift ideas are essential.
18. How to use Christmas leftovers
Christmas is a time for eating lots of nice food but a lot of the time there seems to be leftovers. It would be great to read some recipes on how to use those leftovers for more delicious meals.
19. Growing your blog over the holidays
The holidays can be a great time for bloggers to grow!
20. Festive Q&A
To engage your audience, it could be really fun to get them to ask you some questions for a festive Q&A on the blog.I’d love to hear your ideas for festive blog posts!
I hope you have enjoyed reading Lauren’s piece on festive blog post ideas, be sure to head over to her blog, Wool of the King, to show her some support this Christmas!

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