2018 Reflections


Welcome to the first post of 2019, saying and writing that will definitely need a little getting used to, I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating last night. Now, a lot of you would have missed my 2017 Reflections post as I went a little blog AWOL after writing it, but I wanted to do a similar post again this year.

So, 2018, all in all I’d say I had a pretty great year and like last year I used the ‘1 Second Everyday’ App to document my year in one second clips. I made so many memories, met so many new people and was offered so many exciting opportunities throughout the year which I am forever grateful for.

I hope you enjoy reading my 2018 best bits and watching my yearly 1SE video.

My 2018:
  • Completed a week’s work experience with Walker Books. I had such an amazing week which showed me what I want to do in the future.
  • Started a very scary and exciting project which is still ongoing and still secret (sorry).
  • Celebrated my Godson’s first birthday, my 22nd Birthday and mine and my boyfriend’s fourth anniversary.
  • Represented University of London at BUCS for the second year running.
  • Won 2 silver medals for Shot and Discus at the Sussex County Championships.
  • Finished my second year of University with higher grades than I achieved in my first year.
  • Got selected for a Phase OneΒ Olympic trial with my sister.
  • Started blogging again, publishing 70 posts and hitting 11,000 views with my most popular post being the one where I got banned from TinderΒ – I wonder why!
  • I was nominated for two UK Blog Awards for Lifestyle and Social Influencer.
  • Won tickets to the World Premiere of ‘Mamma Mia Here We Go Again’.
  • Went to the Warner Bros Harry Potter studio tour with my family.
  • Started my third year of University.
  • Saw Harry Potter in Concert with Cameron.
  • Celebrated Christmas early and waved my sister off to Canada.

As you can probably tell, 2018 was full of different adventures and those listed above aren’t even all of them. Have a look at my 2018 in my video linked below and you can watch my 2017 video here if you missed it.

Tell me what your 2018 highlights were in the comments below and thank you to everyone who made 2018 memorable. Onwards and upwards in 2019, it’s going to be even better. Just watch this space!


  1. Hello and Happy New Year. I enjoyed reading your blog and watching the video. One of my 2018 highlight was when I went to Disneyland. I hope I could go back to Disneyland again someday πŸ™‚

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Happy New Year to you too! Thank you so much, ooh that sounds amazing! I’d love to go too! x

  2. Congratulations!! It sounds like it’s been an amazing year, I hope 2019 holds even more incredible opportunities for yoy!

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you so much, same goes to you! Happy New Year! x

  3. Wow you have completed some amazing things in 2018! Sounds like a fabulous year. My highlights was probably getting a travel article published for an app.

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you, it was a good year! That sounds amazing, congratulations! Happy New Year! x

  4. Happy New Year! Your 2018 was filled with a lot of fantastic things. Here’s to an equally amazing 2019.

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Happy New Year to you too! Thank you! x

  5. Happy new year!

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Happy New Year to you too! x

  6. What a year! My total highlight was the tinder escapade!!!! I’m fortunately happily married otherwise you may have found me tapping/swiping? (Whatever it is you do there) on mr darcy myself!

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      It was, wasn’t it? Hahaha, this is my favourite comment ever! It’s very difficult to resist Mr Darcy so I wouldn’t blame you! Hope you have a fab 2019! x

  7. Happy new year, sounds like you had a fab 2018! Let’s hope 2019 is just as good if not better πŸ™‚

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you! Happy New Year to you too! x

  8. Happy new year! Looks like you’ve had some really cool achievements, I mean, getting selected for Olympics trials must have been awesome

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Happy New Year to you too! Thank you, it was pretty amazing! x

  9. Sounds like such a good year! You’ve achieved so much. I’ve just started the one second a day so I’m excited to watch it this time next year!
    Hazel x

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you, happy new year to you! Ahhh, that’s so exciting, I’m on my third year now so I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do! x

  10. Wow! Last year sounds like it holds a lot of memories and was a lot of fun. You did amazing things and I hope 2019 has so much to offer you too.
    I’m hoping to go back to the Harry Potter Tour this year. It’s such an amazing place. Happy New Year lovely!

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you so much, I hope your 2019 is equally good! Happy New Year! Yes, you 100% need to go, it’s amazing at Christmas time too! x

  11. Laura at Palette of Thoughts says:

    Sounds like you had a great 2018 Imogen! Absolutely love the 1 second clip idea, such a good memoriea to look back on! xx

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thanks so much, it was great! Hope this year is just as good, it’s such a nice way to remember everything! xx

  12. Wow, good work! Looks like you have had an amazing year- hope your 2019 is just as good!

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you so much, hope your 2019 is good too!

  13. OMG I loved your video!!! I wished I had that kind of dedication. I may need to force myself to do this. Wishing you more adventures in 2019.

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

  14. Love this post! The one second a day video is such a neat idea!

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you, it’s quite fun to do, you should try it!

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