Phase One Olympic Trial: Update

Hey everyone, this will just be a short little post for you this morning just giving you all an update on my Phase One Olympic Trial.

I said I would let you know how I did so here goes, unfortunately it’s with a heavy heart that I say that this time around I (and my sister) was unsuccessful in passing to the Phase Two Trial.

We were both commended on our enthusiasm and efforts during the trial but unfortunately our profiles do not fit what they are looking for at this time – we are both welcome to reapply in the future though.

I can’t say I am not disappointed as I am but I need to remember that it is an incredible achievement to get selected for the first trial as that was out of thousands of applicants across the country. I know I tried my hardest and that’s all that matters and I know my family and friends will be proud regardless. It is a shame but the experience in general was amazing to be a part of and congratulations to anyone who has been successful.

Finally, I want to say thank you to UK Sport for the opportunity and to each and every one of you who wished us both luck prior to the trial and afterwards. It means the world. If you want to read my original post then you can here.

Thank you for reading!


(All photographs featured in this blog post are my own).


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  2. Awww sorry to hear of your disappointment. You did more than most! I always told my daughter “do your personal best” and you did, so huge congrats to you and your sister for that accomplishment!

    1. Thank you so much, that’s so kind. Definitely wise words to follow xx

  3. Sorry you didnt get as far as you had hoped, but its still a massive achievement! Keep at it and i bet next time will be your time x

    1. Thank you lovely, those are really kind words! Needed that! <3 x

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