Christmas Gingerbread Biscuits

Who doesn’t love Gingerbread? You may have seen my ‘Ultimate Christmas Cosy Day’ post from Blogmas Day 2 where I included some sneak peak photographs of some gingerbread I made.

Now I did say you would have to wait a little while before finding out the recipe but I didn’t want to be a Grinch so thought I’d share it TODAY!

The recipe is so simple you will have the biscuits made in no time at all – more time for decorating fun!


  • 350g Plain Flour.
  • 1 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda.
  • 2 tsp Ground Ginger.
  • 1 tsp Ground Cinnamon.
  • 125g Butter.
  • 175g Light Soft Brown Sugar.
  • 1 Free-range Egg.
  • 4 tbsp Golden Syrup.
  • Christmas cutters.
  • Icing for decorating.

As I said previously the recipe is super simple and quick too so it won’t take you long to whip up some festive treats. You can find the recipe hereΒ – I added extra spices to make them taste that little bit more festive!

  • Put all dry ingredients into a bowl (except the sugar), add butter and mix until the mixture is like breadcrumbs, then add the sugar.
  • Beat the egg and golden syrup in a separate bowl, add to the mix until it clumps together and forms a dough – it will get there, don’t worry if your mixture isn’t instantly binding.
  • Form the dough into a ball with your hands, wrap in clingfilm and chill in the fridge for 15 minutes.
  • Preheat the oven to 180C or 160C Fan and line baking trays with greaseproof paper.


  • Roll out the dough (flouring the surface beforehand) to roughly a 0.5cm thickness – this bit is up to you, you can roll it out as thick or thin as you wish the gingerbread to be, then cut out the gingerbread. The thinner you roll it out the more ‘snap’ it will have when you eat them.
  • Place your cut outs on the baking trays, leaving gaps between and bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. My oven had been pre-heating for a while so mine only needed 10 minutes. Leave on the tray to cool for a few minutes before moving them to a wire rack.
  • Decorate the biscuits as you wish once cooled.


Decorating your biscuits, I think, is the best bit! You can be as creative as you wish and it is a great thing to get small children involved in! Now, I don’t have any small children around but me and Cameron had a great time decorating the biscuits, we used piping icing (which can be purchased at any supermarket) and then normal white glace icing which I hand made.


As you can see below my biscuits were already Christmas shaped, there are stockings, snowman, holly, bells, stars and trees too! I had to decorate them all in the traditional colours and I think they turned out really well!

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and feel free to send me photographs of all your baked treats over on Twitter. Friday’s post will be all about my trip to the Ideal Home Show at Christmas where I went with my parents, I can’t wait! Can you?

All photographs used are my own.



  1. These look so tasty delicious! I think I am going to have to give these a go myself!

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you, hope you enjoy making them!

  2. Macey Gloria says:

    Oh my goodness these look so delish! I want to make them as soon as I finish up this semester & get my four weeks off hehe. A classmate just told me this morning that she made loads of gingerbread cookies last night & I’m excited as she’s going to bring some on Friday :’)

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you! Yay, hope you enjoy making them, you’ll have to send me photographs! Oooh that sounds delicious, it’s my last day of term today so I’ve brought in Christmas tree meringues for all my class to enjoy! Worried there isn’t enough! x

      1. Macey Gloria says:

        Will do! And omg were there enough?! x

        1. Imogen Chloe says:

          Just about, made the lecturers very happy too as they got to have some! x

  3. Oooh lovely I use a very similar recipie and we love the gingerbread

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      They’re delicious aren’t they!

  4. Omg this is so cute! I’m definitely going to try this on the weekend and hopefully Christmas! πŸŽ„they look adorable and delicious πŸ˜‹ thank you for sharing!

    Hopefully I’ll be able to tweet you my pictures of them if they’re any good! πŸ™ˆ


    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed! Yes please do, I’d love to see your creations! If you like gingerbread more ‘crunchy’ as it were then cook them for a little longer but for softer gingerbread cook them for the lower end of the time frame. Enjoy! x

  5. These look amazing, your pictures are wonderful! I don’t think I’ve ever actually made gingerbread men, so definitely gonna keep this recipe and try and use it over the festive period!

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you so much! Ooh you should, it’s so simply yet so delicious too! x

  6. Love this! I’ve always wanted to do gingerbread cookies but I’ve never. I’ve always felt like they’d be too hard β€” thanks for the inspo & the recipe!

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Ooh you definitely should give it a go! Noo, it’s so simple, the hardest part is not eating all the dough and the cookies once they’re cooked!

  7. Oh my they look so delicious, I think I may try this out x

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      You definitely should, send me photographs of your creations too, I’d love to see them! x

  8. I’ve never been a huge lover of gingerbread BUT I love the icing on these so I think that’d balance out the flavours quite well! These are cute! πŸ™‚

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you so much! That’s understandable it’s cute an acquired flavour, I think I love it so much as my parents both love it too – they eat things like crystalized ginger too! The icing definitely adds something to them too! Glad you enjoyed! x

  9. Looks yummy! They look really good. People underestimate how hard it is to make cookies look good.

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Awh thank you so much, that’s so kind of you!

  10. I love gingerbread cookies. You did a great job decorating yours! This recipe is quite a bit different from the one I make, going to have to give this one a try.

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Ooh really, how does it differ? Thank you, glad you enjoyed!

  11. aw your cookies came out so good! i made ninja gingerbread men a couple weeks ago to get into the holiday spirit lol

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you! Wow, they sound amazing!

  12. These cookies are so cute & they look delicious too! I’ll have to make them with my daughter! πŸ˜„

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you! Ooh, let me know how they turn out!

  13. Oh my god, these look absolutely adorable! I love gingerbread so I always love to bake them for Christmas (and to be honest, all year round haha), these are fab!

    Chloe xx

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Gingerbread all year round is not a problem, it’s too delicious to resist! Glad you enjoyed lovely! xx

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  15. Aah this makes me want to try my hand at making these babies, but I’m so awful when it comes to baking! But this one doesn’t look so challenging…

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      It’s honestly really simple, give it a go and it’s not too many ingredients so if it does go wrong you won’t waste lots!

  16. Your icing is so neat! I’ve never been able to get biscuit icing right.

    1. Imogen Chloe says:

      Thank you, I had a couple disasters but thankfully I had loads baked in case it all went wrong.

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