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Hey everyone!

I have a little bit of a different post for you today, a ‘Shuffle Song Tag’ and let me tell you, I’m a little nervous for this!

I was tagged by Lauren who blogs over at and what is involves is going through your music collection and sharing the first ten songs which play.

The reason I’m a little nervous is because I hate sharing what music I listen to, it is one of my most dreaded questions as I felt like I always had to say a certain type of music to ‘fit in’. I will pre-warn you, if you don’t like musical songs or similar then you should probably stop reading as I can already tell they’ll be a key feature!

(I used Spotify for this challenge and went through my song list as I don’t have many songs on my Ipod.)

1: ‘Why Did It Have To Be Me? – Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again (Lily James, Josh Dylan, Hugh Skinner):


If you didn’t already know I’m a huge Mamma Mia 2 fan, not only did I get tickets to the World Premiere (check out the post here), but I also saw it on three separate occasions at the cinema.

Lily James, Josh Dylan and Hugh Skinner all sing this song, which of course makes it even better, but it was one of my favourite scenes of the movie itself too. Don’t lie, we all want to dance round a boat with Josh Dylan, don’t we?


2.‘Shape of You’ – Ed Sheeran:

39126373_321899305245007_6143272704800718848_nI absolutely love this song by Ed Sheeran and was one of my favourites of the whole album when it came out. I also have the album in CD form (I know, promise I’m not a dinosaur), I just like to have my favourite songs / albums in CD form too! Not 100% sure why but if there is a major technology disaster guess who’s the one who’ll have all the tunes!




3.‘Be Our Guest – Beauty and the Beast (Ewan McGregor):


Oh, third song in and we already have another musical, if you don’t love Beauty and the Beast then you sort of need to leave now, please… no, seriously!

I never actually liked the original film (the Beast sort of scared me) but this one made me fall back in love with the story and the films. I wish I had singing kitchen utensils too, it would make washing up after dinner a great deal more entertaining! Am I right?


4.‘Andante, Andante’ – Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again (Lily James):


I think we know by now the reason why this song is present in this tag and one of the first 10 I shuffled through on Spotify. It’s just one of those songs which makes you sing along (however disastrously) and I think I have genuinely driven my boyfriend to insanity by dancing round the house singing it non-stop. I’m not even sorry!



5. ‘Frosty The Snowman’ – Now That’s What I Call Christmas (The Ronettes)


Not even sure how to explain, well, I don’t like summer, can happily do without Halloween and winter / Christmas time means my birthday and obviously Christmas.

Definitely not a surprise that there is at least one Christmas song which features and I’m glad this one has – especially because I have a little snowman who dances and sings this song!


6. ‘Party In The U.S.A’ – Miley Cyrys:


If this wasn’t a part of your childhood then I feel very, VERY sorry for you.

Wasn’t this song fabulous whilst also being slightly depressing because you weren’t Hannah or Miley and didn’t have your own show with fabulous songs like this one?



7. ‘The Other Side’ – The Greatest Showman (Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron):


It has Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron singing and performing in it, need I say more?

No seriously, this film is another of my absolute favourites and like Mamma Mia I saw it several times in the cinema and loved every minute. Have you seen it, what was your favourite song?



8.’Look What You Made Me Do’ – Taylor Swift:


I know a lot of people have mixed views on Taylor Swift but I’ve always loved her music and this song is no exception. The whole album is so different to what she has previously released, as you’ll know if you’re a fan, but it is so incredible and I can’t resist a good sing along… or two!




9. ‘Air Guitar’ – McBusted:


Ah, little Imogen would obsess over Mcfly and Busted as two seperate bands so of course when they came together I HAD TO SEE THEM.

McBusted was the first, and incidentally, the last concert I went to and it was absolutely insane. There’s a lot of promise of new music but at the moment I’m more than happy listening to this album and reminiscing. I’m surprised some of their other songs didn’t feature!


10. ‘Angel Eyes’  – Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again (Christine Baranski, Amanda Seyfried, Julie Walters):


Again, I’m not even sorry! A fabulous movie, a fabulous song with an even greater cast and if you didn’t laugh at the antics of Tanya and Rosie in this movie scene then you probably need to go see a Doctor!

I couldn’t stop laughing!



I hope you’ve enjoyed this, very musical centered, shuffle song tag, if you didn’t well, nevermind as long as I’m happy singing and jigging along then that’s what matters.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any favourites of the songs I featured and thank you again to Lauren for the nominated! I’d like to tag Rosie, Chloe and Jamie Lee Jenkins.


  1. love how much mamma mia is in this!

    1. Hahaha, is it obvious I have been listening non stop?

      1. I’m surprised none came up on mine tbh

        1. Do it again 😉

  2. I love all your music choices Imogen! I think they reflect what a fun person you are 🙂 I also love Mama Mia and Josh Dylan. However, I’m ashamed to say i still haven’t seen The Greatest Showman or the Beauty the Beast film! I think I need to sort this out immediately….x

    1. Oh my goodness, no! You definitely need to see them both, Greatest Showman especially – you’ll absolutely love it! 😀 xx

  3. I listened to the songs from “Mamma Mia” that I downloaded after reading this!

    1. Ahhh yay, hope you enjoyed!

      1. Absolutely!

  4. Oh I love the idea of this tag! 😀 It’s always so interesting to see what others are listening to. My list would have been equally as eclectic as yours! 😀

    1. That makes me very happy! 😀

  5. This is such a fun tag. I am personally obsessing over the soundtrack from The Greatest Showman as of late lol not gonna lie…
    Britt |

    1. Yes, it’s fabulous isn’t it?

  6. joannafuller says:

    I am completely obsessed with the Mama Mia soundtrack, great post Imogen!

    1. Thank you lovely! 😀

  7. I’ve seen this tag going around and I love it! I’ve only just watched Mamma Mia 2 and I’m obsessed with the soundtrack. Loving your choices 💕

    Samantha |

    1. Thank you! I honestly can’t get enough of it, is five too many times to see it? 😀

      1. Oh, never 😂

  8. Love the mamma Mia tracks! Also that miley hit is an absolute banger

    1. Glad you agree! 😀

  9. I loved this! I never listen to music anymore as I’m so busy if I do it’s the radio here and there if we’re driving anywhere☺️
    Brooke x

    1. Ahh completely get that, feel like if I had a car I’d be the same but as I’m normally on the bus or train I need music to keep me entertained! x

  10. Loved this so much, I love how many songs from musicals there are! I’ve told myself I can’t listen to the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack until I see it so I need to go see it soon x

    1. Hahaha whoops, I love them too much not to enjoy the songs! Oh my goodness, you need to go see it soon! I’ve seen it 4 times now, go go! x

  11. betterthangoodenough123 says:

    What a great assortment of music! Thanks for sharing – it’s always fun to get to know more about other bloggers!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for your comment!

  12. You had me at “Party in the USA” and “Be our guest” – a couple of my favorites!

    1. They’re too good aren’t they?

  13. Bloglove2018 says:

    Terrific list! U shouldn’t b nervous! I knew & like all of them except I have not heard #9. 🤗

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed! Ahh McBusted are fab! 😀

  14. Macey Gloria says:

    I absolutely LOVE that a Christmas song made it on this list haha!!! I also love to have physical CD copies of my fav albums, (getting vinyl is even better!), there’s just something so great about it for sure x

    1. Whoops haha, getting into the spirit already! 😉 Oh yes, that’s definitely better! 😀 x

  15. I’m so happy seeing Mamma Mia & The Greatest Showman songs here!

    1. They’re too good, aren’t they?

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