‘Oh I Do Love To Be Beside The Seaside’ – A Brighton Guide

Welcome back everyone, I know I’ve been a little silent on here recently but I wanted to share this post about my end of University celebration trip to Brighton with a couple of friends. Now, if you didn’t already know, I went to college in Brighton and don’t live too far away so I have visited the seaside city quite a lot! My friends on the other hand, had never been, so I happily put on my tour guide hat and hopefully gave them a day to remember!


First things first – Breakfast:

After getting the train down from London St Pancras we arrived in London just before 11am and naturally our first port of call had to be breakfast; although, it was probably more like brunch at that time! We stopped off at Nowhere Man which was only a short walk from the station for what the internet described as the ‘Best pancakes in Brighton’ and believe me, we weren’t disappointed!

Priyanka and I opted for pancakes with Strawberries, syrup and whipped cream and Carla went for the Chocolate, Banana and syrup pancakes! Both were absolutely delicious and made the most perfect little treat before a busy day exploring – I want to go back for more already!


If you go down to the beach today, you’re sure of a big surprise:

After filling up on pancakes we made our way down to the beach and before long we were sat on the stones watching the waves and having a good ol’ natter. We were there approximately 30 seconds before I ended up getting absolutely soaked by an incoming wave – my socks and shoes were soggy for the entire day! Whoops!


Turn your world upside down:

Now, a new feature to the Brighton seaside is the Upside Down House and having seen it a few weeks prior to our Brighton visit I knew we had to go inside! It was a seriously weird experience, all of us had trouble walking inside and seeing all the furniture on the roof was bizarre. We had so much fun creating some funky photographs and the team inside were happy to give us tips and help take them. You just take a normal photograph then flip it upside down and the illusions created are so clever!

Which photograph is your favourite? I’d highly recommend a visit so if you’re in Brighton soon go and explore, I’m not sure how long it’s going to stay there but hopefully it’s there for a while. Check out my Instagram here for more photographs from the Upside Down House.


Arcade and Pier exploring:

As you walk along the promenade down by the beach there are so many different shops to explore.There is one little hidden gem though and that is a little area dedicated to old arcade games; the Old Penny Arcade Museum.

It is a museum dedicated to vintage coin-operated amusement machines which you can experience! We had a lot of fun playing on the machines and dancing in front of the crazy mirrors – some of the machines are so similar to the ones you find in the arcades on the pier today!

Afterwards, we went and explored Brighton pier and after losing disastrously on the grab machines, we bought some rock and sat down appreciating the view. We didn’t opt for doughnuts which was a shame but at least the seagulls didn’t try and steal our treats! Before that I gave Priyanka and Carla a brief introduction to the 2p machines and helped them gamble away all their pennies!


Brighton’s Lanes, North Laine, Royal Pavilion and the best place for food:

No trip to Brighton is complete without a little shopping and exploring of the lanes, to put it simply it’s a collection of lanes which are home to so many quirky and independent shops; one shop is entirely dedicated to rubber ducks! All of three of us enjoyed exploring around the shops and then stumbled across the Royal Pavilion, we didn’t have time to go inside so we just had a quick look around before heading for some food!

Casa Della Pizza was where we stopped off for some much needed dinner, for £7.99 you can help yourselves to the all you can eat buffet full of pizza, pasta, salad and more. It was the perfect to fill ourselves up and find some more energy for our next activity – one we had all looked forward to all day!


Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf:

I’d seen this outdoor adventure golf whilst visiting Brighton on a previous occasion but unfortunately I had never actually visited. After this experience I’ll definitely be heading back! We opted to do one 18 hole course and chose the Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf ‘Treetop Course’ out of the two courses available. It was only £7 (Student concession) and was well worth the money.

Now, I’ll keep this part brief as I appreciate you’ll have already read the rest of this post and because I don’t want to upset my friends by gloating about my win too much… Oops, did I mention I won? It was honestly one of the funniest experiences ever as we all tried, and often failed, to navigate the course which was a lot harder than expected. That didn’t stop me getting several hole-in-ones and the win at the end – can you tell I was happy?


Time to say goodbye:

Sadly, by the end of Adventure Golf it was already past eight o’clock and we had to make our way back to the station. The golf was a good half an hour away but if you’re happy to make the journey you won’t regret it.

It was honestly one of the best days ever and Carla, Priyanka and I had so much fun exploring. The time just flew away from us. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and looking at all of the photographs. Make sure if you’re ever in Brighton to experience some of these places as you won’t regret it. We were so lucky with the weather too as the days before, and after our visit the weather was horrendous but we only had a few drops of rain. To be honest though, I don’t think rain would have dampened our spirits!

I can’t wait to go back and visit again with some of my more friends from University, I quite enjoyed being a little tour guide; maybe next time though I’ll try and keep my feet dry! Thank you to Carla for lending me a pair of socks, but considering you’re a size 3 and I’m a size 8, I’m still wondering why you had a pair to hand!

All photographs in this blog post are my own.


  1. Ahh I go to Brighton every other week or so, and there’s definitely a couple of things on here I’ve never done!
    I’m desperate to go to the upside down house, I’ll definitely need to go ASAP.
    Those pancakes look lush too…best make a stop there next time 😉

  2. Those pancakes look epic! And you crammed in so many activities too! I’ve only been to Brighton once and would love to go back one day. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas of places to visit 🙂 x

  3. The upside down house looks so cool, i have never come across this before. I can’t believe I have never been to Brighton I can’t wait to finally tick this off my list one day

  4. Macey Gloria says:

    That shot of the pier is gorgeous!! This day sounds like such fun–pancakes to kick everything off is brilliant, honestly, you gotta carb up for a day of adventuring :’) Casa Della Pizza sounds like another delish place to refuel for what’s left of the day haha! How funny, I just saw Joe Sugg’s insta post about the Upside Down House & am now reading about it here! Whenever I get to visit Brighton one day, I know I’m gonna have to go there for sure x


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